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Circulating Economy


On the landfill by Klettagarðar in Laugarnestangi

Where do we stand against all this rock? The landfill at Laugarnestangi consists of about three hundred thousand cubic meters of gravel that was excavated for the construction of a new Landspítali. At the time, it was considered the preferred option, as the material did not have to travel long distances. Today, the landfill seems to be an addition to the outdoor recreational area in Laugarnes, but to some extent it is unclear what will come of the area in the future - maybe it will be the venue for new headquarters for the Reykjavík harbor corporation. The landfill is therefore a place on hold, something we can use later, an area of opportunity. The work shows our purposefulness and indifference to time and the environment in a remote light. "This stone could have killed Kolbein Tumason."