Anna Líndal

Different kind of time


The work is located in Naustavogur, close to the Snarfari Sailing Club, but can also be viewed from a distance at Súðavogur or by Háubakki. Look up and see if you do not see an idle construction crane.

At first glance, the work is extensive but simple. It consists of a free-standing construction crane and an orange industrial ribbon, but the work is also based on the environment that surrounds the work. The crane is idling, it is not used for construction work, but it stands alone and plays, moves with the wind, nods or challenges the cranes located on the other side of the river, in the middle of construction work. The ribbon that hangs from the crane dances in the wind and draws fleeting drawings in the urban landscape. Different Kind of Time ignites an actives a conversation on the urban landscape. The work is an incentive to stop, look up and around us. What processes are taking place in the area? What kind of a transformation is underway? How are societal values created?