Ólafur Sveinn Gíslason



A wall by Hrísateigur 16 and on fences around nearby houses. Please don’t go into the gardens.

The work Boundary is located in a residential area, on the plot boundaries of a houses by the street Hrísateigur. The heart of the work is a wall at Hrísateigur 16, where you can listen to two individuals talking to each other about their private space and the parental role they have recently entered, its impact on their time and daily life. The conversation, which is based on the artist's conversations with young parents in the neighbourhood, then flows into the watercolors that hang on the fences of nearby houses. The work captures a glimpse of the neighbourhood's underlying nervesystem and opens it up to visitors: the personal space of young parents, how they overlap and where the boundaries of the individual lie within the family as a whole.