Finnur Arnar

Indoor Colours




Bókhlöðustígur 2
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Grundarstígur 9
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Laufásvegur 4a
Skólastræti 5
Þingholtsstræti 14
Þingholtsstræti 13
Þingholtsstræti 16

Finnur Arnar’s work Indoor Colours is located next to ten selected homes in Þingholt, an area that the artist describes as a semi-island in the centre of Reykjavík. He has gained access to the personal space of the homeowners and provides clues about its infrastructure with the colour scheme that has been painted on the pillars of the fence that belongs to the house in question. Each spectrum is marked by a certain colour analysis by Finnur Arnar within the home, as the schemes are based on scanning the colours within. The painted pillars therefore provide an insight behind the visible outer walls of the houses, and thus the fences that belong to the houses have taken on a different role than just demarcating the area of each house. They provide visitors and pedestrians with an insight into the personal world of the “islanders” in Þingholt.

Finnur Arnar’s (b. 1965) work can be said to be created from the material and circumstances of everyday life and often has an autobiographical reference, but he has both worked on exhibitions with his family and made his family ties the content of works of art. Finnur Arnar began studying at the sculpture department of the Icelandic School of Art and Crafts but graduated from the multidisciplinary department in 1991. He has a long and varied career in Icelandic visual arts and works equally as a visual artist and playwright, director and writer. Finnur Arnar has been nominated for the Gríma Prize many times for his work in theatre and he received the Gríma for set design in his work The Angel in 2020. He has held numerous solo exhibitions as well as participating in group exhibitions here at home and abroad, and his work can be found in most main museums in Iceland.