Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir

a) 64.155750, -21.866930
b) 64.145165 -21.881097
c) 64.141764, -21.870164


a) Part of a series of three works spread over the large exhibition area. This one is located in Skarfagarðar, close to Skarfaklettur and the Viðey Ferry Terminal.
b) This one is located in front of World Class Laugar.
c) This one is located in Grasagarður Botanical Garden.

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The works merge music and art, nature and man-made systems. Each sculpture is actually a character who lives in digital clouds and sings an aria to their surroundings. In fact, the ode is more about their inner longing and desire, which underscores man's unilateral relationship with his environment. The three sculptures each represent a man-made system that characterizes their location: Nature in the Botanical Garden, exercise and fitness outside of World Class, and transport on sea at Skarfaklett. With the work, Sigrún Gyða examines how human intervention is necessary for us in order to have a natural experience.