Rebecca Erin Moran



Concrete, natural pigment, audio

Every Body Holds A Beat is an invitation to unfold. Presence thorough somatic movement in time, an act of infinite forms. Three dance floors, three djs, many bodies.

FRZNTE; Forget the world. Take this break. And dance!

FRZNTE is a DJ and Pole Performer from Berlin. Her music is both trash and glam. Sometimes she brings her magic pole along for the ride and stirs up a mesmerizing mirage of smoke with her slowing spinning high heels for the hypnotic FRZNTE LIVE SHOW. Don’t be shy! Shake your ass! As long as you dance, we are not dead!


CHOOC LY; Rave Intergalactique

Chooc Ly Tan is an Afro/Vietnamese/Cambodian artist, DJ and Fine Art lecturer; she works across moving image, DJ sets, radio podcasts and club nights. Tan’s practice sets out to find systems or tools that navigate comprehension of the world, such as those found in logic or physics, but to re-purpose these in ways that suggest new visions of reality.


JESSIKA KHAZRIK; Intention Elevation

Jessika Khazrik is an artist, technologist, writer and DJ whose indisciplinary practice spans composition, machine learning, performance, visual art, ecotoxicology, and the history of science. Often born out of vocoded collaborations with recurrent neural networks skewed with hard-edged Arabic rhythms and a very dynamic techno, Khazrik festively uses spaces of congregation—such as clubs, landfills, museums, her house, quarries, and the internet—to search for new, locally entrenched universalities that could collectively respond to the dystopias of our current time.


Rebecca Erin Moran lives in Reykjavík & Berlin, Germany