Anna Júlía Friðbjörnsdóttir

QRF (Where are you bound from?) / QRD (Where are you bound for?)


Bedding plants (Daisy)

The works are influenced by the history of Grafarvogur as a burial site and play with the notion of matter and life cycles.

The work is based on international communication signals of the old Q-Code, "QRF" and "QRD", spelled in Morse code with bedding plants. It is located mid way between the old dumpsite and the modern cemetery close to the Iceland Radio telecommunication centre.

edtition of 300 numbered cards

The cards will be distributed and posted by the artist.
Photograph: property of the National Museum of Iceland. Taken by Kristján Eldjárn in 1968 during the transfer of remains from the old graveyard in Gufunes to a new burial ground.

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